About us

the Brand

Frankremme is a Scandinavian fashion brand, founded in 2014, placing importance on creating comfortable and desirable designs in luxe fabrications made from dead-stock or stock materials.

The frankremme-collections celebrate clean aesthetics with a seductive, feminine sensibility infused with a tougher street-wise attitude, designed for women who do not wish to be incognito in any social setting. Their style transcends clothes and are therefore made for women that are utterly themselves. The clothes are created to spark desire and emphasise the uniqueness and individuality of the brand which is converted thru what the eye sees, what the hand touches and how the clothes fits and flows on the body. 




the Atelier

We aim to work and bring forth products with a commitment to responsible and sustainable production and business practices. We produce and carry an exclusive and limited stock of each style/colour. Quantities varies depending on availability of chosen dead-stock or stock fabrication. Each item is carefully developed and curated to fit the brand and are individually numbered in the edition, made as a testimonial of quality, exclusivity and exquisite design to our clients. 

the Materials

In terms of produce, we work with a handful of carefully chosen manufactures, all based in Europe. Our atelier in Istanbul helps us with the production and sourcing of woven fabrics, mainly silk and silk blends, and in Italy some of our heavier knit items come to life. Every fabric or yarn used in our productions are found locally and are already existing stock or dead-stock from other high-end productions. In order to reduce the CO2 imprint we refrain from transporting or producing yarns or fabrics from one part of the world to then be manufactured elsewhere and finally be shipped to our clients.